prairie herb farms

our history

How Prairie Herb Farms Began

Before Prairie Herb Farms offered online herb & spice delivery services, we began as a small, family-owned company in Northeast Missouri. We’re excited to be expanding our reach through our online herb and spice shop so that customers around the country can access the high-quality ingredients we’ve been offering to local customers for years. To become one of the most reputable botanicals companies in the USA, we’ve spent decades establishing relationships with growers and foragers around the world. Prairie Herb Farms works with local communities and farmers to cultivate organic, wildcrafted ingredients for our herb & spice delivery services. Our wildcrafters hand collect indigenous botanicals so that you can enjoy the best that nature has to offer.

prairie herb farms

our mission

Crafted With Sustainability In Mind

Our goal of supplying people around the country with fresh herbs and spices starts by ensuring that our wildcrafted ingredients are free of harmful additives and crafted with sustainability in mind. By partnering with American farmers and purchasing ingredients directly, as well as following best practice guidelines, we are contributing to a more sustainable environment and helping local economies grow with our online herb & spice delivery services. We are passionate about providing individuals and families with quality wildcrafted ingredients, and we are also passionate about contributing to the health of our Earth. We are proud that our customers trust us to deliver the best fresh herbs and spices from our online shop straight to their door.

love & care

How We Operate

Herbs don’t trim themselves; they need careful attention, love, and care. Prairie Herb Farms pays attention to the details. While our fresh herbs and spices grow, the farmers of these wildcrafted ingredients tend to their plants to ensure that what you are putting into your body is the best of the best. Read our blogs to find out more about what we do and to get ideas for recipes and other ways you can use Prairie Herb products.

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Add Flavor to Your Meals

Explore what you can do with fresh herbs and spices from Prairie Herb Farms. Use our herb & spice delivery services to flavor:

  • Soups
  • Pasta
  • Poultry dishes
  • Beef and pork dishes
  • Seafood dishes
  • Vegetarian dishes
  • A variety of sauces