One of the most commonly known herbs around the world, garlic is used for flavoring purposes as well as for its ability to support a variety of conditions. Garlic falls under the Allium family with other vegetables like onions, leeks, and chives. Granulated garlic and garlic powder are created from the process of dehydrating garlic cloves and then the grinding of these cloves. Granulated garlic is more coarse like cornmeal whereas garlic powder is of finer consistency that is similar to flour. Be cautious of the different cuts. A piece of granulated garlic will be less intense than a piece of garlic powder since there is more air trapped in the particle.

  • Uses: Both granulated garlic and garlic powder are used to enhance the flavor of your dish. They are more commonly used for dressings and sauces, but due to the consistency of granulated garlic, it is a better choice among the two for wet dishes.
  • Benefits: Garlic is used to support several conditions that are specifically related to the heart and blood system. The sulfur compound, allicin, that is found in garlic helps relieve conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and soreness.
  • Source: Organic



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