Oregano (Fancy)

Oregano (Fancy)

Oregano, also called by its scientific name Origanum vulgare, is a perennial plant that grows small, dark green leaves with woody stems. This spice is most often used in Italian dishes with tomato-based sauces and olive oil to bring a robust flavor to your meal. Other spices that oregano pairs well with are garlic, basil, and thyme, which makes a delicious savory blend to add to a variety of dishes like salad, soups and stews. And as part of the mint family, oregano also provides support to your digestive system and heart health. As you can see, oregano is a versatile spice that can be incorporated into your diet to support health benefits while also adding flavor to a variety of dishes.  



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There are several uses for oregano in food. Most often, oregano is added to pasta dishes, usually made with some sort of red marinara sauce such as spaghetti and pizza. It’s also commonly combined with olive oil to create oregano oil, vinaigrettes, and marinades for chicken, lamb, and beef dishes. Also, oregano is commonly used as a natural insect repellent which is safe to use around pets and children.


Oregano offers several health benefits as well as some lifestyle benefits. Not only is this spice a good source of antioxidants and is a natural anti-inflammatory, but it also promotes a healthy digestive system. Oregano also provides a safer way to ward off bugs and insects as opposed to the harsh chemicals and pesticides which are often used in the home.


Ready to use and does not require any preparation.


Oregano has a pungent camphoraceous aroma which basically is a strong scent of the wood and leaves of a camphor tree. This spice has a unique flavor of earthy, musty and minty tones and has a slightly bitter taste.




Store in an airtight container and keep in a cool, dry, dark place.



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