There are three different types of parsley to look out for: Neapolitanum, Crispum, and Tuberosum. Neapolitanum parsley has flat leaves and is more commonly known as “Italian Parsley.” Neapolitanum is popular for cooking because of its strong flavor. Crispum parsley isn’t as potent but you can distinguish it from Neapolitanum because of its curly, bright green leaves. Tuberosum is a newer type of parsley that is used for more of a nutty flavor. Whether you want to use parsley for cooking or its medicinal benefits, it can be used fresh, dried, or in our case… powder form.

  • Uses: Use parsley powder for a convenient way to add flavor and nutrition to various dishes and drinks. This popular herb is extremely versatile and doesn’t always have to be used for cooking. You can even use parsley powder to develop DIY self-care products like face masks or bath bombs!
  • Benefits: Parsley is very nutrient dense and rich in vitamins. It is high in vitamin K which helps better your bone health. Vitamin A and vitamin C act as antioxidants that assist in immune health and prevent cell damage.
  • Source: Organic



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