Red Reishi

Red Reishi

The Red Reishi mushroom, part of the Ganoderma species, has been commonly used in Eastern medicine for centuries. These mushrooms contain several beneficial molecules such as triterpenoids, polysaccharides and peptidoglycans that are shown to have positive medicinal effects. If you’re looking for a natural ingredient to add to your morning drink, Red Reishi powder may be exactly what you need. Simply add ¼ teaspoon for improved immune support, an increase in energy, promotion of heart health and much more. 

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Red Reishi is best used as a powder and added to drinks such as coffee, smoothies, and teas.


Red Reishi, traditionally known as the “Mushroom of Immortality” is commonly said to be the most potent adaptogen available, helping to increase the body’s resistance to stress and helping it overcome health challenges more quickly. Reishi provides immune system support, cardiovascular support, and contains anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties along with having antibacterial benefits.


Ready to use and does not require any preparation.


Mostly bitter and earthy.




Store in a cool, dry, dark place.



Country of Origin

Northern Asia


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