As you may have guessed by the name, Rosehip is the fruit of the wild rose. The round, berry portion of the rose forms just below the petals and varies in color from red to orange to purple. These berries contain rose seeds that provides several health benefits through its vitamins and antioxidants. Rosehip is very popular for its vitamin C properties and is more concentrated in vitamin C than an orange! 

  • Uses: Rosehip can be taken both orally and topically through dietary supplements, ointments, oils, and food and beverages. Sprinkle rosehip powder on top of foods such as granola, ice cream, yogurt or even incorporate it into tea, jam, and soup recipes.
  • Benefits: Because rosehip is highly concentrated in vitamin C, it can help with common cold symptoms. It is also used to reduce pain and stiffness that comes with arthritis and general body pain.
  • Source: Organic



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